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Application for OU Characters:

Application for AU Characters:


What is the difference between AU and OU?
An OU (Original Universe) character is strictly canon without any alterations. An AU (Alternate Universe) character comes from a player-created alternate reality.

What are the stipulations for applying for characters?
  • You cannot play both the AU and OU versions of any one character.

  • There can only be one AU version of any given character.

  • All AUs will be judged on an individual basis. They can be rejected for subject matter and feasibility. An AU character must still have the personality of their OU counterparts and be recognizable as such.

Why does the OU app only ask for a link to history?
OU characters do NOT require a player-created history section. You are free to link to a suitable overview of your canon, i.e. Wikipedia.

What about the histories for AU characters?
If your history is a CANON AU (like Marvel Ultimates), a link will also suffice.

What goes into strengths and weaknesses? Eye lasers?
The strengths and weaknesses sections are for listing physical AND mental strengths and weaknesses. Please give us your characters' powers (if any). These sections should be at least 25-50 words each.

Put your character's name and fandom (i.e. Tony Stark from Marvel (OU)) in the subject line.